About Us

Cascade Management, Inc. and its principals began providing property and asset management services in 1974. We continue to manage the majority of properties from our original portfolio, which has grown substantially over time. Through our growth, the commitment to our properties, owners and employees remains fundamental to our values.

We currently manage over 185 properties throughout the states of Oregon and Washington concentrating our efforts on the management of low and moderate-income as well as workforce and market rate housing. Our goal is to provide safe and affordable housing to those in need. A majority of the projects we manage are regulated by either Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Bond, HOME, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or Rural Development (RD). We also now include market rate rentals in our portfolio. We currently manage property locations with as many as eleven different funding sources which require us to rent, track and manage unit by unit. Furthermore, we have never lost a single tax credit under our management and carry out superior accounting methods for our industry. The overall flexibility of Cascade’s systems allows us to manage all types of multifamily housing with great success, benefiting all clients.

We also provide the caring attention and flexibility needed for all projects, large or small. Cascade Management is fortunate in being able to hire capable resident managers who truly care about their properties. The number of years our resident managers have been employed with us is well above the industry average. We strongly feel that the success of our site staff is crucial to the long term success of every property. Cascade Management has enhanced our Human Resources Department and our Property Management Department to meet this challenge.  We are fair, clear and direct with site staff in setting expectations which we are all fully accountable to. Cascade Management’s maintenance practices are also the finest and most detailed in the industry. We pride ourselves in truly sustainable methods that enhance the performance of our portfolio















Tamia (FIELD)

Great company to work for, and great properties to live at! I have worked for Cascade for many years, as well as lived at a few properties and have nothing but good things to say! 

John (Maintenance)

Cascade Management inc, and specifically Paul Jordan, are the best company I have kept since I began doing maintenance in 1992. I am thankful for the opportunity. 

Denise (Accounting)

Accounts Payable Specialist

I have worked at Cascade Management for over eight years, so I have had the opportunity to see the company grow and change during that time. The company's growth has challenged me personally to fine tune my skills which has been very beneficial to me professionally. Cascade Management continues to retain the "team" atmosphere that first attracted me to the company and I appreciate the availability and accessibility of my co-workers in the corporate offices.